What is AthletiCamps? : Fit, Assess, Coach, Train!

What is AthletiCamps?

Meeting Your Cycling Needs using the FACT Training System

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AthletiCamps is a performance based training center that provides a full range of services to cyclists and triathletes at all levels of skill and experience. Our athletes include beginning cyclists to Pro Tour professionals. We strive to build a strong relationship with each of our athletes and to fully understand their objectives. These objectives are transformed into a definite action plan complete with goals used to measured performance gains. Our mission is to make you a smarter athlete in all areas of your sport through education and information. We go the extra mile to explain “why”?


We believe that in order to truly recognize your full potential as a cyclist, a systematic approach should be utilized. The FACT System is a simple yet unique method to helping you become a better cyclist/triathlete.

Fit - Whether you are buying your first bicycle or have a fleet of bikes, it is critical to have a bike that fits you. Too many times we see athletes whom have a poor fit that prohibits them from enjoying the sport. A proper fit will maximize your comfort, safety, efficiency, and will also help avoid injury. AthletiCamps utilizes Retül, a start-of-the-art 3D motion analysis fitting instrument as part of our fit system. This is the same system used by Pro Tour teams including Nissan Radioshack, Gamin, and Sky Cycling. However, you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic tool.

Assess - Once you have a bike that fits you properly, you are now ready to employ a structured training program. However, it is difficult to develop a training program without first understanding your physiological fitness. Through the use of Lactate Testing and/or VO2 Testing we can accurately measure your fitness level. More importantly, this allows us to identify specific heart rate and power zones that will enable you to train with a specific purpose. AthletiCamps is one of twelve private institutions in the world which utilizes the Parvo Medics Metabolic Cart as part of our performance assessments.

Coaching - You have a bike that fits you properly, you have identified your physiological training zones, now you need a structured training plan that will help meet your identified objectives. Why hire a coach? Riding a bike is fun and good exercise but many of us will not meet our objectives, whether it’s to lose weight, complete a century ride, or win our first bike race without a training plan that is specific to our physiology and our goals. AthletiCamps coaches will develop the plans, track your progress, educate you, assess your response to training, refine your plan, and hold you accountable.

Training - No objective will be met without your commitment to training. Regardless of how much you spend on equipment it is all meaningless unless you train properly. We also recognize that telling athletes what to do is not the same as showing them. AthletiCamps offers individualized training sessions as well as organized group training camps to further educate and inform athletes. Training camps are an excellent way to bond with teammates and training partners. Our camps are structured after the same level of care and professionalism experienced by Pro Tour riders. The experience is amazing and leave most wanting to book their next camp before they leave!

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Aspire Higher

More than a motto, “Aspire Higher” is our challenge to you, to reconnect with your aspirations!  At AthletiCamps, our cycling services are designed with one goal in mind: to help you create a stategy for success, and then achieve it!