Existing Bike : Does your bike feel like an extension of you?

Existing Bike

"After getting my racing bike fit at Athleticamps, I was surprised and extremely happy with how my bike felt.  It was like it was an extension of my body. I'm a fitness professional by trade, and am hyper aware of body positioning and alignment. I've been fit before, on the same bike, and it was nothing like getting fitted with the Retul equipment and AthletiCamps.  Such a smooth, pain free ride!  I highly recommend their fitting service!" - Carol H. (Roseville, CA.)

Bike Fitting for Cyclists and Triathletes

What are the benefits of a proper bike fit?

A proper bike fit is essential for injury prevention and maximized economy. An optimal position on the bike will allow for greater comfort and enjoyment while riding. All bodies are different and your position on the bike should reflect your biomechanics. 

Why get fit with Retul 3D motion capture technology?

The best way to analyze a rider's efficiency is to observe and measure the rider while he or she is pedaling the bike. Retul 3D motion capture technology simultaneously measures three planes of movement on the rider as he or she is in motion. Retul averages the rider's pedal strokes to provide a comprehensive data set reflecting the rider's movements. Only at this point can a bike fit expert properly evaluate changes to a rider's position. Attempts to analyze the rider in a static position, or only in two dimensions, will not provide data at the same level of accuracy as 3D motion capture.

Who can benefit from a bike fit?

Generally, if you are serious enough to clip into a bike, you will benefit from a bike fit. Whether you are a professional or recreational rider, getting the proper bike fit is an effective yet economical way to improve performance.

How long does a Retul fit take?

An average fit with Retul lasts 120 minutes. However, if you have major adjustments or component changes, the fit may be longer.

How is fit data shared with the rider?

The Retul software archives data for every rider and his or her bike/bikes. The client receives a report of the final fit data, which inlcudes body measurments and angles, as well as bike set-up and measurements. 

Service Description Price
Time trial/Triathlon Time trial or trialthlon bike $325
Current Bike Road, mountain or cyclocross bike $275
Measurements utilizing Zin tool Detailed measurements of your current setup (mm accurate) $95
Shoes/cleats Shoe and cleat setup $95