New Bike Purchase : Objective process that allows the purchase of the right bike for you

New Bike Purchase

"I would never bike another bike without going through this process at AthletiCamps.  I was in the market to purchase a new bike and went through the new bike fitting process. Not only did AthletiCamps help me understand which specific frame geometries would work for me, they educated me with the proper information I could take to my bike shop so I could tell them exactly what I wanted.  Well worth the money to fit before you buy, knowing you are getting the right bike for you!  Great service and a great fitting team!" - Sam K. (El Dorado Hills, CA.)

New Bike Purchases for Cyclists and Triathletes - Fit before you buy

What are the benefits of a proper bike fit prior to a new bike purchase?

A fit bike is recommended for fitting a rider prior to his or her bike purchase. The Retül Müve adjustable bike can be set up for road, triathlon, and moutain bike positions. The fit bike works in conjunction with Retül 3D motion capture in order for the fitter to collect rider data and immediately make bike adjustments to create your optimal position.

How long does a Retul Müve fit take?

An average Retül Müve fit lasts 120 minutes. This includes a new bike consultation to help determine optimal frame choices.

Service Description Price
New bike purchase Frame determination and fit $375
Advance frame sizing Determine frame options only $200
Saddle Library Demo Program Try new saddles, demo, purchase $95 per hour