Saddle Demo Program : Experience the long lasting benefit of choosing the correct saddle

Saddle Demo Program

A critical component of any cyclist's comfort and performance on the bike is the saddle.  The better a saddle fits an individual, the more comfortable that person will be while riding the bike.  This directly translates into riding faster, stronger, and longer, as well as not encountering lingering issues off the bike.  As professional bike fitters we have seen the effects of a poorly fitting saddle on many cyclists:

    • General sit bone pain
    • Pubic area numbness and discomfort
    • Saddle sores
    • Sciatica
    • Foot pain
    • Hip alignment issues
    • Loss of power

Athleticamps offers a comprehensive solution to this all-to-common issue and address saddle concerns in these different ways:

    1. During a Retül bike fit (included in the price of the fit) – We will remove the current bike saddle and exchange it with one (or multiple) demo options to allow the athlete to quickly test different styles, padding, tilt, and width options.
    2. Separate service dedicated to this aspect alone (see below)  – Using the Retül Müve bike or your own bike we can replicate the current fit and allow the athlete to try various combinations of saddle options.
    3. Open road demo – Whether someone has tried one of the two above options or not, anyone can “check-out” a demo saddle from our library and ride it before they buy it.  As part of a larger demo program, Athleticamps now offers athletes the ability to test ride a saddle so that an informed decision can be made.

Saddle Library Demo Program

The following program parameters offer cyclists the opportunity to choose the best saddle:

  • The first 10 days of the demo is free - We will mount the demo per your current fit and allow up to ten days of testing that particular option
  • A deposit will be necessary to try the demo saddle, but will be credited to you when you purchase a new saddle from us.

Athleticamps proudly offers the following brands (with multiple models) for demo and for sale:

  • Selle SMP
  • Adamo ISM
  • Terry
  • Williams
  • Fizik

Most cyclists have experienced the need to shift around on their seat to find a place that alleviates soreness and/or numbness.  If a saddle does not fit properly, no amount of shuffling and re-positioning will provide long term comfort – let alone relief.  The subsequent adjustments made to avoid the pain typically put the cyclist out of their optimal position on the bike and can lead to other related problems.  This is not something that a cyclist has to endure and should not be considered as normal or part of the cost of riding a bike. 

Choosing a saddle is a very personal decision and no one saddle is right for everyone.  Further, finding the best option takes time on the road, not just a few pedal strokes on a trainer.  Athleticamps understands this and will work with you to find the right saddle and fit options so that you can ride pain-free.  Let us help you make the right decision for you. 

In-office Appointment

  • Use either your own bike or our adjustable Müve bike to try saddles.  Our staff with interview you and help determine which saddles would possible work.  You can then try them in office and if you choose, check them out to test demo on the road.
  • Takes approximently 1 hour

Let AthletiCamps assist you to determine the saddle that is right for you

Cost - $95