Cycling Silver/Silver Plus Coaching Plans : For budget-minded athletes and those new to formalized coaching.

Cycling Silver/Silver Plus Coaching Plans


This program is intended for athletes on a budget and/or are new to formalized coaching. It allows you to try coaching without a longer-term commitment to see it's benefits. Your coach will have an initial consultation to understand your objectives and will develop a detailed monthly program for you to follow. Once a month you will meet with your coach to discuss your progress and adjust your program based on your previous month's accomplishments. This is a great program for new cyclists or those who have been riding unstructured and now need more of a purpose.

The Silver plan includes:

  • Coach contact - Limited though email
  • Program delivery - Monthly overview
  • Workout revisions - 1x per month

Silver Plus plan includes:

  • Silver plan
  • Retül bike fitting - 1x  
  • Performance testing - 1x

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Silver plan - $99 monthly
Silver Plus plan - $245 monthly - 3 month commitment paid at beginning of contract period

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