Nutrition : Proper fueling is a key component allowing you to train hard, compete and recover


Improve Your Performance and Health Through Nutrition Coaching

Successful athletes know that proper fueling is a key component allowing you to train hard, race well and recover fully. Speed, power, endurance, muscle building and muscle repair are determined not only by how intensely you train, but how well you eat. Most importantly, a body that is fundamentally healthy will be able to endure the stresses of training and racing more readily, allowing you more time for both. 

Nutrition Coaching can help with your specific goals, such as:

  • Remove Excess Body Fat –Get your weight down to your desired level and decrease your body fat ratio.  Learn how to rid yourself of that “stubborn fat” and keep it off.
  • Enhance Immune System Health—Hard training and racing actually depresses immune system functioning, thus, many athletes are plagued with colds, flu, stomach upsets and infections throughout the season.  Learn how to prevent these maladies and keep your immune system strong by choosing the right foods and supplements.
  • Improve Mental Outlook—Training for bike racing can take its toll on your attitude. Depression can be a sign of overtraining and prevent you from training in the first place! Adjustments to your diet can help keep your mind positive and healthy.

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Service Description Price
Full nutritional analysis Determine caloric and weight loss requirements $175*
Nutritional guidelines during exercise Specific during training or your event $95*

* Both services combined $250