Swim Stroke Assessment : Personalized form analysis, drills and stroke principles

Swim Stroke Assessment

Freestyle Swim Technique and Stroke Assessment

If you are looking to improve your swimming form and stroke technique then look no further! An AthletiCamps video analysis consultation is the optimal and high tech way to improve your freestyle swimming performance.

Our video analysis sessions are suitable for all levels of triathletes, master's swimmers, and open-water swimmers.

Our swim coach will extensively review, analyze and explain both the positive and negative elements of your form and stroke. This includes feedback on how to improve your efficiency, speed, and rhythm of your stroke.  

Every assessment include:

    • Full video analysis (above and below the water surface) with corrective instruction
    • Complete mobility, flexibility, and core strength assessment
    • Online swim form and stroke analysis video feedback with corrective prompts and instructions
    • A personalized and complete 1-3 page summary of your swim form and stroke technique analysis


Service Description Price
Single or one-time session One session to tune up your stroke $135 - $185
Multiple session Multiple on-going coaching sessions $275 - $375