Performance Camps - 2017 : Train, educate and enjoy. Scenery at no additional cost!

Performance Camps - 2017

“Cycling camps at Athleticamps are a great way to learn about the improvement process, from Retül bike fitting to training. Their team is a truly passionate  team of cycling coaches and love the sport. Their camps will take you to some of the most beautiful areas of Northern California. Don't miss this opportunity to take your cycling to the next level” - Dr. Massimo Testa, BMC Team Physician

The AthletiCamps Difference

AthletiCamps Performance Camps are modeled after those run by professional cycling teams.  The objective is to train, educate and enjoy!

By end of camp you will be stronger, smarter and most importantly, leave with the necessary knowledge to go home and apply what you learned to your training program for future improvement. No matter what your level, our camps are designed to help each rider define and focus on their goals.  All camps come with a one-month coaching program after the camp is complete.  

And as a added bonus, experienced some of the finest scenery in the country while training on the same roads used by many professionals and roads used in the Tour of California!  Read how our camps are the best available!

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2017 Performance Training Camp Dates

Camp / Date Description Price /Location
Spring Classics Camp - March 15-18 2017 Prepare for the upcoming riding season and prepare for all your early season events

$1650 - Folsom, CA.

Grand Tour Camp I -May 31- June 4, 2017 Performance based camp with a focus on all your late spring and early summer events $1650 - Folsom, CA.
Grand Tour Camp II - July 19-23, 2017 Performance based camp with a focus on all your late summer and fall events $1650 - Folsom, CA.
Fall Classics Camp - October 4-8, 2017 Transition into the offseason with a focus on bridging to 2017 $1650 - Folsom, CA.