Custom Camps and Tours : Location and time-flexible to fit your schedule

Custom Camps and Tours

Custom Camps and Tours

For those who have limited availability, let AthletiCamps fit into your schedule. We offer time and location-flexible custom camps and tours that escort individuals, couples, and small groups to different areas of Northern & Central California for some of the most spectacular training rides in the nation. AthletiCamps is centrally located near many of California’s most notable geographic regions, such as:  Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, and our own Gold Country to name just a few. 

Perhaps you have a specific event you are planning in your upcoming season like a Grand Fondo or trip to Europe.  You want to best prepared for these major events and we can help you prepare the right way, so you know when you make that trip, you have the best possible fitness and have done everything possible to assure a safe and productive trip on your bike!

Custom camps also have the advantage of being mobile by bringing the camp to you.  This option is ideal for clubs, teams, and groups of friends who ride together and have difficulty coordinating the travel because of work or family commitments.  Now you don’t have to - we come to you.

Custom Camps and Tours include, but are not limited to:

  • Located in beautiful Northern California or wherever you like
  • Can take place anytime of the year
  • Physiological testing (optional)*
  • Bike fitting (optional)*
  • Training-program development
  • Skills training
  • On-bike instruction
  • Nutrition (optional)
  • Ongoing coaching (optional)
  • Duration – 2+ days

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