Why choose our camps : Why we take the lead in camps and are the best value available!

Why choose our camps

Providing Professional Level Training Camps for all Levels of Cyclists

“Cycling camps at Athleticamps are a great way to learn about the improvement process, from Retül bike fitting to training. Their team is a truly passionate  team of cycling coaches and love the sport. Their camps will take you to some of the most beautiful areas of Northern California. Don't miss this opportunity to take your cycling to the next level” - Dr. Massimo Testa, BMC Team Physician

Thank you for considering AthletiCamps as your training camp resource. Realizing there are many camp and training options available to you these days, we believe that you will find our camp approach the best in the business.  

All our camps...

  • Begin with an interview about your cycling history, goals, and expectations of your time spent with us

    The importance of understanding each athlete cannot be overstated.  Having a pre-camp interview with you, whether it be on the phone or in person is a priority for us.  Most camp expectations are not met due to this simple process
  • Ability to include performance assessments with state-of-the art medical grade equipment and the knowledge to use this equipment and explain the results

    To improve in this sport, whether you are racing or training for a Grand Fondo, you need to know what your goal is, where you are starting and how to get there. Performance assessments will help you understand where your current fitness level is, and help set the roadmap to achieving our goals.  We understand the assessments with years of experience and can explain how they will help  you improve your fitness.

  • Utilize state-of-the art Retül technology for ALL fits

    Simply the best fitting system available in the world today and we have the knowledge to use it.  All fits use 3D motion analysis to guide the fitting process.  Old school plumb-bobs and goniometers are replaced with new school motion-capture technology.
 Measuring your fit while you are pedaling your bike is far more accurate than older methods that try to determine your fit while you are in a fixed position (static fit.
  • Every athlete is treated the same, no matter what

    It doesn't matter if you are a bike racer or training for a Grand Fondo, you are treated the same and all our knowledge and tools are applied equally.

  • Are kept to a small number, usually less than 12

    It's important to us that all athletes attending camps are not "lost" in the shuffle.   Keeping the camps small are important to assure each client gets the best customer service