Lactate Response to Exercise : The optimal way to track your performance improvements

Lactate Response to Exercise

 “AthletiCamps have been testing me for years. I view it as a vital component to my program and their knowledge about testing procedures, review of results, and applying it to my current level of fitness is the best I have found. I urge anyone who is serious about their cycling to visit AthletiCamps and get on the program!” - Dan Martin (Safeway), 2009, 2011 Canadian Masters Champion; 2015 World Master Champion

Lactate Response to Exercise  

The blood lactate profile is the most important predictor of endurance performance potential in steady-state events.  The lactate profile test (with determination of lactate threshold) is used by elite endurance athletes to determine optimal training intensities and is the most effective way to track the effectiveness of training.  After determining a lactate profile, we will provide training zones based on both heart rate and power. This test can also provide the athlete with optimal paces for racing.

Cost - $195*

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* Discounts apply to 3+ athletes