Physiological Testing : Benchmark, track, improve

Physiological Testing

Benefits of Physiological Testing

Performance testing can benefit all cyclists and triathletes whether your goals are racing or improving performance in Gran Fondos. Testing provides you with an assessment of your current fitness level, heart rate and power training zones and an accurate benchmark to track your fitness . Using this valuable information and knowing your goals, an training program can be applied and lead to improvement.

The formula’s of the 1970’s (e.g. Max heart rate (HR) = 220 - age) were developed by researchers and do not apply to the majority of the population. Performance testing at AthletiCamps will provide you accurate data, giving you the assurance that your training program is set up for you. Plus, it’s just plain old fun to be testing in a lab, just like the professionals!

Testing will provide you with these valuable results:

  • 7 heart rate and power training zones
  • Wattages at threshold and peak of power
  • Body composition
  • Watts per kilo of body weight at threshold and peak
  • Detailed review of testing results
  • Specific workouts using your training zones
  • Training consultation

Alot of different programs (books and other coaching programs and camps) have you do “field testing” to determine these parameters.  At AthletiCamps, you will come away with the security that your program is based off of your unique physiology and not created from guess work. 

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Service Description Price
Lactate Response to Exercise Training zones for both HR and power $195
Max VO2 and Ventilitory Threshold VO2 data for both max and threshold $195
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Determine your daily caloric needs $150
Calorimetry Metabolic rate a various training intensities $325
Body Composition Labratory grade calipers are used $50