SRM Torque Analysis : Utilizing the "Gold Standard" to improve your pedal stoke

SRM Torque Analysis

“I've always wondered how smooth my pedal stroke was under load.  The SRM Scientific Torque Analysis system combined with a detailed explanation from the AtheltiCamps team gave me visual insight as to what my stroke was doing.  I now have a clear plan as to what I need to do to improve and cannot wait to test it again in the future.  Thanks AthletiCamps!” -Josh Carling, Marc Pro Strava Cycling Team

Improve your Pedaling Technique

Measuring your pedal stroke's torque is one of the best methods to optimize cadence at different intensity levels, help improve your bike fit, and monitor the injury rehabilitation progress. Our SRM Torque Analysis System gives our athletes a complete graphical distribution of power during all 360 degrees of the pedal revolution.   This in turn allows us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different pedaling styles.

What is Torque Analysis?

  • TA is the collection of the actual force applied to the pedals at multiple points during the pedal stroke, indicating exactly what measure of force is applied at each point to give an understanding of how balanced the entire pedal stroke is.  

How does it work?

  • Using our Retul adjustable bike with an adjustable SRM TA crank attached, the cyclist will be guided through a testing protocol that will produce differing loads and strains under various conditions.  This will a robust collection of data to analyze all aspects of the pedal strokes in multiple environments (e.g. going easy versus tempo versus maximum output.)
  • Collected data is prepared into a graphical report with accompanying data analysis to present to the cyclist.
  • A comprehensive evaluation and summary is prepared and presented as the conclusion of the experience.
  • A specific plan is determined for each athlete so they know exactly what they need to do to improve

What does it tell you?

  • State of pedaling technique smoothness 
  • Functional weakness (injury, alignment, etc)
  • Right side versus left side comparison

Why is it important and what do I do with it

  • Identify bike fit issues and remedies (either incorporate with a fit, or use as a prescription on how to adjust current fit)
  • Establish optimal aerodynamic position
  • Prescribe exercises to address the weakness and imbalance
  • Monitor results of therapy to ensure progress and success
  • Optimize torque production in both legs to prevent over-fatigue/failure in one leg

The SRM Science PowerMeter was designed to be benchmark of power measurement in the sport of cycling. For over 27 years, the world’s most prestigious exercise physiology laboratories and training centers have relied on the SRM Science for measuring athletes’ performance. The SRM Science is a true scientific measuring device with absolute transparency for accurate recalibration and data replication. Reinforced to allow forsprinting forces up to 4000 watts, the SRM Science is built to measure the most extreme forces, as well as the most subtle changes in a cyclist’s pedal stroke.

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